pandamaru asked: Uhhhh... The thing about the haruhi nendoroid... She is an extremely older nendoroid and GSC did not put much effort or detail as they do with newer nendoroids. The older nendoroids also have loose joints and weird complections. She may be a real nendoroid. Please examine her carefully.

Oh I see, thank you for the insight. Is also cool to think more people than just those who like or reblog see my posts ^^

Another OrderI love each and every piece of metal and PVC shown here.$276.20 -> $180.01 -> $269.01Total -> w/discount -> +shippping
Yes that makes shipping like $90 and yes that is too much. But hey if I needed any of that $270 for anything more important I wouldn’t be buying any of this wank :D Lots of posts to make as I sort through it all! wee!
Also, missing is DBZ, Adventure time phonestraps and 2 wow swords all sold to Good-guy Chris who’s getting me a staff discount on a sexy Draeni Mage figure tomorrow :D qw00t
I’m too excited on delivery days such as these! Oh the courier just left a note and fucked off. I heard and saw him leave. He saw me run outside but still left. Dick. Something also arrived for other house member and the Kiwi/Maori courier guy was super friendly and actually rang the doorbell and waited… for me to get back out of bed (at noon) and put pants on. He obviously didn’t know he was waiting for these two oddly specific things but he was nonetheless.
All from: unless you run an anime shop I wouldn’t recommend bothering to deal with them. 14 items were missing/unavailable after payment so I was credited (usable only on my next order) the value of said missing items but the p&h remains the same with the less items order =.=” ah wells. They’re being good to me to continue to serve me when they’re a wholesaler and I buy just one of each of their best shit ^^